Screenshot Saturday 202

I've come to several realizations this week. Lemma is going to be good, but not great. I have to accept my limitations and finish the thing to the best of my ability. Lemma is more of an experience than a traditional video game. With these two ideas in mind, I am focusing the next few months on making Lemma the least frustrating, most enjoyable experience I can. So I'm trying to come up with puzzles that seem difficult but are actually simple to solve.

New blog, new app, new screenshots

Lots of stuff going on this week. New dev blog First off, my website got a much-needed overhaul. The horrible slowness of was driving me nuts, so I switched to a custom-built site. I used Jekyll, which is a static site generator. It spits out a bunch of HTML files which you can upload to a server, as opposed to Wordpress, which generates fresh HTML every time someone loads your page.

Screenshot Saturday 199

"Level design for days" has been my motto for several months now, and this week is no different. Behold, new challenge levels! These are timed, bite-sized maps with simple goals that can be completed in under a minute. They're the kind of things you can create in the level editor and share on Steam. I need to find a new texture for that garish green material. Lots of other things are happening, but they're more like a million tiny updates rather than a few conveniently screenshot-worthy ones.

grepr - 7DFPS 2014

I survived 7DFPS, barely. Here are some fascinating statistics: Days to create an FPS: 7 Hours spent: 93 Levels built: 5 Lines of code written: 2313 Hours to spare before deadline: 2 Functioning brain cells remaining: approximately 4 I'm happy with the result, though. Jack did a great job on the audio as usual, although at the last minute I had to throw in some clunky placeholder sfxr sounds.

7dfps work in progress

I'm participating in 7dfps this year, which means I'm making an FPS game in 7 days. Here's what I've got so far: In Soviet Russia, you are bullet. In my 7dfps entry, moving and shooting are the same thing. Here's my favorite form of humor: physics glitches. Here's me getting killed: Here's a better shot of the city: Lots to do still.

Screenshot Saturday 196

This past weekend I exhibited Lemma at the Ohio Game Dev Expo. It was an awesome time. Extra Life raised over $9,000 for charity (yes, it is in fact over 9000). The Oculus Rift was a huge hit! I worked on various improvements right up to the expo. First, some new textures for moving platforms and doors: This is the first texture I've created that has any kind of directional meaning.

Screenshot Saturday 194

Just a quick update this week to confirm that I am in fact alive. The iOS contract game is just about done. I'm pretty happy with it. Now it's back to work on Lemma: I'll be running a booth, speaking, and participating in a panel at the Ohio Game Dev Expo next weekend! Come on out and hang with us!

Shaders: How Do They Work?

Yesterday I gave a talk at Dev Workshop Conf introducing the basic concepts of vertex and fragment shaders. Unfortunately I don't have a video, just this one potato picture: It's probably for the best, because Chrome locked up on me halfway through. The slide deck is pretty cool though. It includes over 20 interactive WebGL samples, complete with source code. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Screenshot Saturday 190

Well friends, Lemma is still on pause while I do some contract work. I also have only a few slides done for my shader presentation next week. This whole month is crazy. But I thought I'd hijack this dev blog to show you the game I'm working on, because it's starting to look kinda cool! It's a top-down iOS survival shooter designed as a sort of franchise tie-in. The budget is pretty low so most of the assets are pulled from the Unity asset store.

Screenshot Saturday 188

I'm taking September off to work for some clients, so Lemma is temporarily on the back-burner. HOWEVER. Wednesday night a certain something arrived in the mail. I immediately tried it out with Half-Life 2 and was shocked at the massive improvement over DK1. I was so impressed that I've spent pretty much every waking minute since then trying to get it working in Lemma. Current status? It's very, very close.