Screenshot Saturday 190

Well friends, Lemma is still on pause while I do some contract work. I also have only a few slides done for my shader presentation next week. This whole month is crazy. But I thought I'd hijack this dev blog to show you the game I'm working on, because it's starting to look kinda cool!

It's a top-down iOS survival shooter designed as a sort of franchise tie-in. The budget is pretty low so most of the assets are pulled from the Unity asset store. I've only done a few models myself, mostly just weapons.

Here it is in action:

Did you notice the Frost Giant completely smash through that turret? He can also smash through enemies, trees, walls, and weapon benches. It's like my favorite feature.

The client has an artist working on the main character, which as you can see is not animated yet. The visuals do feel a little cobbled together due to the lack of a dedicated artist, but I'm trying to compensate for that with really solid and deep gameplay.

For example, you can swipe to do a quick dodge roll that also doubles as a melee attack. To enable the turret, you have to purchase a battery (or hope one of the enemies drops one) and carry it on your back over to the turret. If you do a dodge roll with the battery on your back, it goes flying ahead of you, and it might get close enough to power the turret, or it might explode upon impact with an enemy.

There are already four weapons, three enemy types, and over 20 missions (specific challenges that confer XP). I've worked pretty hard to stay disciplined on this project, avoiding scope creep and unnecessary features. It's kind of shocking how quickly it's coming together. Here's how the game looked a couple weeks ago:

In case you're wondering, the bar on the right side is for reloading your weapon. You swipe down to reload. I'm a big fan of levers like this in touch-based games. It's just so much more satisfying than tapping a button, especially when it's accompanied by great chunky reload sounds.

The game will definitely be out on iOS, and probably Android as well. We're considering a Mac/PC/Linux release, but I kind of want to get back to Lemma as soon as possible, so we'll see. I'll definitely post here when it becomes available.

Now I'm off to build some more slides. Hopefully in a few days you'll be back here clicking through an epic, interactive slideshow / WebGL adventure.

Thanks for reading!