Greenlight update + streaming tomorrow


First: I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support you've shown so far. We're already over 24% funded, which is more than I was expecting this early, so thank you!

Second: A quick update on the Greenlight campaign. We are 26% of the way to the top 100, with 1,918 "yes" votes! Keep on voting, we'll be on Steam in no time.

Third: If you wanted to see more gameplay from Lemma but didn't have time to check out the demo, several YouTubers have posted "let's play" videos of the demo. Draegast has a good one right here.

Fourth: Although I am busy promoting the game, development continues. You can actually track my progress on GitHub since the engine is open source. You may have seen the "power" system in the demo, where the blue material you create can actually transmit power from a power source. In the demo it was really only used to trigger explosives, but yesterday I built a new "switch" object which can trigger other things like elevators. Connect the source to the switch, the elevator goes up. Disconnect the power, it comes back down. Here's a test I built in the sandbox:

Power source on the left, switch on the right.

Fifth: Tomorrow at 6pm EST I'll be streaming on Twitch. Subscribe to the channel and you can be notified when the stream goes live.

I'll show off the level editor and play back recordings of people playing the demo. Here's an example showing how I track players progressing through the demo (don't worry, it's anonymous, no one has to know you missed that jump 8 times on level 3):

So this is what it feels like to be the NSA.

It'll be a good time.

Thanks again for your support. More updates forthcoming!