Ramping Up

I'm sorry, I've been terrible at keeping everyone up to date with Lemma. If you want to see what I've been up to since Alpha 3, my TIGSource DevLog has a few posts you might have missed. Starting now I'll be focusing more on blogging, so expect more posts in the coming days!

Here are some highlights from the past... gosh. Seven months? Wow.

This is just the beginning. As the title suggests, I'm getting ready to ramp up development in a big way. As such, I found it necessary to upgrade my workspace. I've been using a standing desk at work, and I love it so much that I decided to build one of my own out of $200 of IKEA parts:

I'm not good with my hands, but even so it was surprisingly easy. I highly recommend you at least try a standing desk for the health benefits if nothing else. Here are the instructions I followed so you can build your own!

Oh also, see that Kinect? It actually works pretty well as a webcam. I've been streaming my work on Twitch lately. You should subscribe! Expect lots of voxels, coding, and weird music.

That's it for now, but stay tuned. Posts might just start showing up here on a regular basis, wonder of wonders.