Progress Report

Lemma has been radio silent recently, but that does NOT mean things aren't happening! I've been able to do a ton of work almost every day these past few weeks. Here's what's going on:

  1. Did some massive surgery on the very first tutorial section after getting some feedback from a limited alpha release. It introduces, jumping, climbing, vertical wall-running, and rolling/crouching.
  2. Added a second, underground section that introduces horizontal wall-running, wall-jumping, and some important story elements.
  3. Added a THIRD section, which you will see in a moment, that reviews everything and introduces the flying kick move.
  4. Wrote a small chunk of dialog for the text-message system. It's harder than I anticipated, making the conversations truly interactive without having the dialog tree explode exponentially in size.
  5. Simplified and consolidated the controls. Everything is on Shift, Spacebar, and Control now, should be very intuitive for FPS players.
  6. Overhauled some of the animations and added new ones for some new parkour abilities.
  7. Made the menu a lot more user-friendly.
  8. Committed approximately 15 million bug-fixes and tweaks.

TL;DR: Things are happening. Here's a video that shows one of several ways to get through the third tutorial section in quick fashion.

Alpha Gameplay Speed Run

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully future updates won't be as delayed as this one, but I'm definitely updating less than I used to so I can focus on getting stuff done.