Feedback from beta 2

Hey everyone, it's me again. I'm happy to report that Beta 2 turned out pretty well! We got a bit of publicity for the final release, and more importantly, some valuable feedback. It sounds like people had trouble with the browser plugin, so in addition to the browser-based game, I'm also going to release a stand-alone version with a self-contained installer. This also re-opens the possibility of LAN parties in the absence of an internet connection.

In light of this design change, I realized I would need to design a new main menu, since the game will no longer necessarily be embedded in a web page, and hence cannot rely on the presence of Javascript menus. Which, while functional, I have to admit were pretty ugly. So! I present the new main menu:

Note that it's more impressive in motion. Pretty much everything you see there is animated. It's so fun to watch, I'm considering ditching the game and just shipping the main menu. :)