More stuff!

We are closing in on a new release here... in the mean time a lot of new features have been added!

First, and most notably, I'm experimenting with a new camera strategy. If you've played the excellent Just Cause 2, it's very similar. By default your character is off center to the right, with a wide, inaccurate crosshair on the screen. You can right-click to zoom in and increase your accuracy and damage. So far I think it's a major improvement over the old system.

I also added sprinting, where your character can increase their speed at the expense of using their weapon. It takes about 0.3 seconds to pull out the weapon again, so it's possible to run head-long into someone and get annihilated.

I made some quick, badly-needed updates to Orbit, mostly just new textures. Check out the screenshots to see more.[gallery link="file" columns="2"]