Drop pods are back

And they're much more interesting now. Instead of delivering reinforcements, they now act as cash dispensers. So rather than receiving a flat sum every match, you'll have to earn your money by remaining near a drop pod. Currently, the pod doesn't make you wait and then dump all the cash on you in one transaction; the money is deposited in $10 increments every second. We'll see whether that changes or not.

So far it seems to make the gameplay a bit more interesting, especially since you have no idea where a drop pod will be deployed. I also modified the AI code so that you can command your units to capture drop pods as well.

Behind-the-scenes work continues to progress. The client-server connection process is improving, the installation process is being streamlined, and I think the lobby server is finally ready for production workloads. It's been up and running for several weeks now with no problems.

I'm also working on a match end screen, where the players are paraded on platforms based on their ranking in the game. Here's some screenshots of the drop pods and winner platforms: