Production schedule

Yes, I have a schedule/deadline now. I'M SO NERVOUS. :)

Here's the plan. And when I say "forum", I am of course referring to the fabulous forums.

  1. October build - Release 0.3, Oct 31 - with the following AI droids: shotgun, sniper, shield, cloaker, melee, chaingun. Virtual file system, XML map format, working multiplayer with scoring and simple "game over" condition. No ability to choose units yet. First forum announcement.
  2. November build - Release 0.4, Nov 30 - implement unit suppression from grenades and melee jump jet. Complete match/round logic. Simple squad orders. Unit selection screen at match start. Rough draft YouTube trailer. Forum announcement update.
  3. Official release - Release 0.5, Jan 9 - special abilities, finalize multiplayer maps, finalize YouTube trailer, overall polish, official website goes live. Image of the Day post / official forum announcement.

January 9 final release! Which means Stainless will have been in development for exactly one year! Quite impressive for a guy who never seems to finish these things.

I've made a ton of progress on the gameplay. All the droids listed for the October build are complete. Actually, the October build is just about ready to go, minus the scoring and game-over condition. I'll see if I can knock out the unit selection screen from the November build ahead of schedule. That would make this first release almost like a complete game or something! Crazy, I know.

Of course, there is new eye-candy, but I don't have time to post it right now. Next time.