Evan Todd

Finally, online multiplayer!

I've updated the browser plugin to finally support full online multiplayer! Go try it! I think the plugin is now stable enough that I am promoting it as the officially recommended method of playing the game. :)

Of course, there are still some problems. Namely, in Internet Explorer the mouse control doesn't work. Testing so far has shown Firefox 3 and Chrome (on Windows) handle the game very well.

So give it a whirl, and please post any errors or bugs you get, along with your OS and browser!

[edit] Complete feature list:

  • The lobby server is finally live!
  • Reloading and clips. Units that are reloading are highlighted to show their vulnerability.
  • Shadow mapping
  • New map: "Orbital"
  • Improved unit controls: you can only buy two helper units now, but you can control them more easily with the Q and E keys.
  • New weapon: Pistol. Shoots darts capable of pinning enemies to the wall in certain circumstances.
  • Shattering glass; AI bots can't see or pathfind through the glass. You can shoot the glass to let them through, or leave it and use it to your advantage.
  • Drastically improved network performance and reliability. In addition to a slew of bug fixes and optimizations, the new network code uses data compression and client-side interpolation to keep things running smooth. Bandwidth usage was cut down by about 60% in some cases.